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E3 is within our grasps

Perhaps the most widely known and attended gaming expo is the E3 convention held annually at the Los Angeles Convention center. This Expo plays host to numerous famed companies, game developers, and future investors in the gaming world. This year is no different. In fact the 2005 E3 expo is expected to be the largest yet in both attendance as well as media coverage.
Already Microsoft and Sony had started a heated battle as to the publicity that their respective new gaming system will receive. With Microsoft sporting the most speculated game console Xbox 360 (official name as of now). Microsoft in order to place first in introducing a new revolutionary console to the market had moved up their press conference several times due to the unexpected challenge from Sony in their announcement of the PS3 (possible name for new console). This much drama and Nintendo had not yet revealed any of its hidden talents, which brings many to speculate great things.
The battle for the domination of the gaming industry has officially started folks and the E3 will be THE battle ground; which is why gamers far and wide had been saving up, getting geared, and preparing for this year’s convention.
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